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Cecil Hammond

Founder and CEO Flytime Group

Cecil Hammond is the Founder of the Flytime Group and the CEO of
Flytime Promotions. In the early 2000s he was inspired to create Rhythm
Unplugged which is today, West Africa’s longest running music concert. In
2004, Hammond founded Flytime Promotions to host and promote Rhythm
Unplugged. Cecil has grown Rhythm Unplugged into a continent-wide
music concert that hosts musicians from across Africa

keke hammond

Keke Hammond

CEO Flytime Music Festival

Keke Hammond is the COO of Flytime Promotions Ltd as well as the CEO
of Flytime Music Festival. In both positions, she has led the growth in
reputation and capacity of the Flytime brand. A marketing major and
theatre arts minor from Howard University in the US, Keke has been part
of the Flytime brand for 14 years.

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